Elephant Room Productions is beginning work on a devised piece of theatre to be premiered in 2016. Our subject of focus is Suicide; how it is thought of in our country, how we are affected by it and what we can do to help prevent it. In 2014, statistics show that approximately every 13 minutes someone chooses to end their life.  That calculates to about 5 people per hour, 120 people per day and 43,800 people per year just in the United States.  When we hear these numbers and tragic stories on the news, it often leaves us heartbroken for a moment but then it passes.  However, when it hits home or happens to someone we know, it shatters our entire existence.  Throughout the past several years, depression rates in our country have sky-rocketed.  Only about half of all Americans experiencing depression seek treatment.  This could be because they do not have access to the proper care or because they are reluctant to seek counsel.  Regardless of the issue, depression and deaths by suicide cannot be ignored.

Therefore, we at Elephant Room Productions are seeking to ‘shed light’ on this epidemic in our world. We are currently looking for and hoping you are willing to share with us your personal stories, confessions and memories related to depression, suicidal thoughts and/or the loss of a loved one through suicide.  All stories are acceptable, there are no restrictions regardless of circumstances or length of your personal experience.  To protect your privacy, anonymity is your personal preference: completely anonymous, partially or not at all.

We will be creating a devised theatre piece compiled with your personal journeys to bring the reality of suicide to the stage as a means to raise suicide awareness and prevention.  We want people to know you and your loved one personally, to know the value of our lives, to feel your pain and understand your circumstances.  Those lost are not just a statistic and the pain of the survivors are not just the data set we see on the news. We will accept stories via email. However, if you would prefer to talk to someone via phone or in person we can absolutely arrange it.

If you want to share your experience, please contact us at [email protected], we would love to hear from you.