What is an EERS reading?

The Elephant Ears Reading Series is an initiative at Elephant Room Productions to provide a process-oriented program for playwrights.  One of the hardest parts of being a playwright is often the lack of availability for readings and collaboration early on in the writing process.  With Elephant Ears, we aim to get shows read out loud in a private setting early so that playwrights can use their time more efficiently while crafting their new work.  Any playwright is welcome to submit their shows to us.  After receiving your submission, we will be in touch to discuss the vision of the show so far and what you hope to accomplish in the next draft.  We will bring in a collection of actors to read the show, record the reading, then ask the actors the questions below.

  1. Do the events in the play make sense and are they cohesive?
  2. Do the character arcs/motives make sense
  3. Should the play be longer or shorter?
  4. What was the playwright’s intention with this piece? Who is the audience?
  5. Is this play produce-able? What roadblocks limit producibility?
  6. Lasting impressions, meaningful moments, what are you left with
  7. What questions are you left with?

Ready to submit your play?  We accept submissions periodically throughout the year.  Click the link below to head over to our submission form!

Interview on our podcast

Playwrights in our Elephant Ears Reading Series also have the opportunity to be interviewed on our official podcast, The Trumpet.  After you have received your EERS recording and feedback, our Podcast Director, Robert Gene Pellechio, will follow up with more information regarding an interview.


Further development

For further development, ERP holds workshops and staged readings for plays that are ready for a more in-depth development process.  For more info contact Lauren M. Shover at [email protected].

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