Yolo is Problematic

by Duncan Pflaster

Philadelphia – September 2018


A glamourous but out-of-touch movie star is abandoned by her lover, she tweets out something offensive regarding him, and the next day is attacked online; her best friend, manager, family, and servants all try to help stop her farcically problematic online presence.

About the Playwright

Duncan Pflaster (Playwright): Plays that have won awards: The Underpants Godot, 1460 Sketches of Your Left Hand, Messin’ With the Kid, The Empress of Sex, The Taint of Equality, Prince Trevor Amongst the Elephants, The Thyme of the Season, The Starship Astrov, Sweeter Dreams, The Wastes of Time, Dark Night of the Russet Rascal, Eternity: Time Without End, and The Tragedy of Dandelion. Others include The Douchegirl Play (Better Name Pending), Nothing Human, Suckers, Admit Impediments, Sleeping in Tomorrow, and Ore, or Or. His first full-length film Strapped for Danger is currently available on Vimeo on Demand. Thanks so much to Elephant Room Productions for a reading of another play! www.duncanpflaster.com