The Maid & The Mesmerizer

by Patricia Lynn

February 2022


Yearning for adventure, a spirited maid throws caution into the wind and runs away with a stage hypnotist called “The Great Mesmerizer.” They eagerly melt into a provocatively weird affair. But their romance comes to a screeching halt when she asserts that he raped her. He denies it, insisting that she misunderstands the rules of hypnosis. Trapped together in a motel room during a sudden and intense snowstorm, the couple has no choice. They have to talk about what happened…

About the Playwright

Patricia Lynn (she/her) is a Gothic feminist playwright; she hopes to revitalize the traditionally archaic and sexist genre. She creates original woman-centered stories inspired by common themes and stereotypes associated with Gothic fiction. She also writes modern-day, gynocentric adaptations of iconic Gothic novels. Her plays have been developed with Triad Stage, Manhattan Repertory Theatre, Hunger & Thirst Theatre, COVID-19 Theatrical Response Team, and The Parsnip Ship. In addition to writing, Patricia has worked as an actor, producer, and director in the New York City Off-Off-Broadway theater community for over ten years. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing (Stage and Screen Concentration) at Lesley University; she also has an MFA in Acting from Brown University/Trinity Repertory and a B.S. in Theatre Studies from the University of Evansville.