Our featured playwright Dano Madden shares some insight on our upcoming reading of Beautiful American Soldier:
What inspired you to write Beautiful American Soldier and what is your personal connection to the piece?
“For me, it seems the most forgotten part of war is the so-called collateral damage. Wars are often talked about in the news like they are giant chess games. We weigh strategy and what it will take to protect our interests and our safety. How many U.S. soldiers could be lost? How much money will this war cost? We must protect America from terrorists. We rarely talk about the loss of civilian lives. An enormous number of civilians have been killed in both Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001. Are we really winning wars if so many innocent people are being killed by us? Is this what it means to be “safe”? My initial impulse to write Beautiful American Solider was 100% connected to my sadness at how many people were being killed as a result of U.S. military action.
I think my connection to both stories is my attempt to understand why certain people continually get lost in war.”
On working with ERP:
“I love ERP! They are smart, talented, energetic people committed to making great theatre! I feel lucky every time I get to be in the room with ERP. They are dedicated to process and providing a safe environment for playwrights to develop new work.
Also, they drink good whiskey.”
Dano, 2011 (2)