We are only a few days away from our staged reading of Dano Madden’s Beautiful American Soldier, so rather than Spotlight a specific role in the project we thought we’d use our final post of the week leading up to the performance to focus on why we chose this piece. As you may know, Elephant Room Productions brings the audience into a room to interact with a metaphorical elephant, a topic the vast majority of the world refuses to talk about, to engage and personalize the issue and ultimately become a part of a discourse that will continue well beyond our walls. As such we strive to find works that are relevant not only to us but to the world at large. Beautiful American Soldier combines many themes and elements that follow this idea. For one this play explores PTSD and its effects not only on those who return from war but on those who are left behind. Another great focus in this piece is the Iraq War, a chapter in our history that many of us working on this project grew up learning about. And of course, from a behind the scenes standpoint, we are thrilled to once again have the opportunity to to work with Dano Madden, who’s previous collaboration with us of Foothills Park took another look at the aftermath and effects of the war in Iraq. If you believe in our mission as strongly as we do you won’t want to miss Beautiful American Soldier this Memorial Day at the Davenport Theatre in New York. Tickets are available at https://www.artful.ly/store/events/9244. We hope to see you there!