Ep. 12 – Suicide Stories Retrospective (or, “You Have to Count the Socks”)

Special Multi-Interview episode! In my final episode about Suicide Stories: Gallery of the Untold I speak with two more playwrights, Brittany Brewer and Kevin White, about their pieces Casual Rape and Rob. To close out the discussion I am once again joined by ERP Artistic Director and director of Suicide Stories Lauren M. Shover to discuss the process of bringing this piece to life […]

Ep. 11 – Kat Wilson/Brian Grace-Duff

This month I talk with two more Suicide Stories playwrights, ERP Marketing Director Kat Wilson and guest playwright Brian Grace-Duff in our final pre-SS episode! Due to some technical issues the audio gods would not allow for my normal fun question, but I couldn’t sleep soundly without letting you know that if Brian could trade places with […]

Ep. 10 – David Meyers/Christopher G. Ulloth

This month I welcome playwright David Meyers and welcome back ERP Graphic Designer Christopher G. Ulloth to discuss their pieces for Suicide Stories pieces, Broken and Museum Bar respectively. (Special Birthday shoutout to my fluffy Co-host Albus who turns the big 2 today!) Click here to purchase tickets for Suicide Stories: Gallery of the Untold.

Ep. 9 – Punk Rock Story/Suicide Stories

This month our executive director Phil Czekner returns to discuss his developing play Punk Rock Story, and how his writing has been influenced by his passions. In addition, we discuss the ever developing original work Suicide Stories: Gallery of the Untold and how close we are to finally realizing one of our earliest visions! Cast: Christian- Chris Weisman, […]

Ep. 6 – Captive/Suicide Stories

This month Elephant Room Productions’ Artistic Director Lauren M. Shover discusses her play Captive and the long journey it’s gone through, and also gives listeners information on ERP’s next big project, Suicide Stories. The scene in this episode features ERP Marketing director, Katelyn Wilson, as Alice; guest artist, Meg Falasco, as Sarah; and Podcast Director, […]