First read through Foothills Park!

Yesterday night the WORKSHOP WEEKEND¬†officially begun! First read through done! We’ve got a fantastic cast that have brought this play to life, you do not want to miss it! FOOTHILLS PARK, November 23rd at 6.00PM (The Playground at The Adrienne, Philadelphia)

The Cast!

Choosing the cast for the staged reading of Foothills Park was not easy! However, we couldn’t be happier of the final result ūüôā ¬†These are the¬†three actors and three actresses that will give a voice¬†to the fascinating characters that the playwright Dano Madden brought to life.

The Adrienne shelters our debut production

Interested in attending the staged reading of FOOTHILLS PARK next Sunday? Second Stage is the place to go! It’s a 55-seat Black Box theatre located on the second floor of the Adrienne Theater in center city Philadelphia. We’ll be waiting for you¬†at 6:00PM! Here’s how to get there.

Follow us!

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What’s Foothills Park about?

“Lisa, a New Yorker turned Idahoan, finds herself pulled into a neighborhood battle over who is to blame for recent playground vandalism. Her new friend Tabby believes it is the refugee children from Iraq. The fight that ensues will force Lisa to reevaluate her friendship with Tabby, her marriage, her place in Idaho and her […]

One week to Foothills Park!

Wake-up call for theater lovers!!! Get your calendars¬†and add this to your schedule! Next Sunday,¬†November 23rd, we are holding a¬†reading of the¬†first production of the¬†season. We are referring¬†to FOOTHILLS PARK, a play by our featured playwright¬†Dano Madden. The event is going to take place at 6:00PM in the Adrienne Theater, Second Stage (2030 Sansom St. […]

Have you met our Co-Artistic Directors?

Because two brains think more than one, in Elephant Room Productions we are proud to have two talented Co-Artistic Directors, who¬†have become the perfect tandem to run¬†such an ambitious project like ours. Meet Christopher G. Ulloth and Lauren M. Shover! ¬† And don’t forget to pay¬†attention to the latest details on our upcoming production: FOOTHILLS […]

An Elephant in the Room

“An Elephant in the room is a metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss.” How does that intertwine with our mission? Well, here you have all the answers ABOUT US. Image: The […]