Casual Rape

The Poet challenges you and charges you to face the realities of casual rape and rape culture


Ignorant to the realities of Maria’s life until after her final moment, Rob ensues a call to action to end cyberbullying and catfishing in our society


In-depth view of the psyche of one Kevin McFadden. It’s done, it happened. The crime has been committed and lives have been forever changed. (Viewer discretion is advised)

The SS Marty

Joan, mother of three adult men, explores the depths of her grief from losing one of her sons to PTSD

Museum Bar

The writer explores the dreams found in his own psyche as he conjures up what he thought was left behind

Jason Dotson

There are so many moments of life between the ages of 15 and 43, have you seen them?

Dark Windows

Erin reluctantly visits a group therapy session to open up about her father’s suicide; turns out her grief runs deeper than she wants to admit

I Forget What Eight Was For

The Artist, contracted to play a role that hits a little too close to home, takes us into the mind of the playwright

The Problem with Mickey

Nearing his 10-year High School reunion, Carson is haunted by the guilt he feels regarding a classmate’s suicide